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was founded by group of experienced bankers, business Executive and IT professionals with the common goal of developing and implementing a total fully integrated IT Solutions with two proprietary application:

  • 1. An NFC enabled card management system
  • 2. Video , Voice Call System
  • 3. A Multi-channel chat / messenger
  • 4. System combining with e-Wallet
  • 5. Mini core banking
  • 6. Client’s mobility
  • 7. Digital business platform
  • 8. Payment switching

Payment methods

At a glance

is interested in expanding its presence not only regionally but internationally and the most unique opportunity because of its core business and strategic positioning with SMEs and Cooperatives in domestic that is community based.

Credit Cards:

Transaction base on Visa


Transaction base on Mastercard

Bali Reward Card

Payment transaction in Bali

Debit Cards:

Through its affiliation with Indonesian communities, Cooperatives and Microfinance Institutions and as an IT Solutions provider is positioned as a unique player in the SME and Microfinance industry in Indonesia can support the JV expansion to Indonesia and ASEAN.

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All-In-One Solution, Digital Transformation, Facilitate Anywhere, Anytime Access, Integrated Payment, Business Aggregation

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